Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to theNeoBlogger.com -a blog about learning to build an on line presence based on your interests, primarily a blog.

My name is Usman Malik. I have been working with WordPress as a hobby and helping others to learn the software. Reading and learning about building a blog efficiently has been my prime interest for some time. Now with this blog, I want to share with you whatever I learn from various resources and personal experimentation and make it a place for learning for my readers. One goal is to enhance my writing and blogging skills and other is to help and guide others learn from me.

Area of interests for this blog would be around the following

  • Writing Skills & Blogging -being productive and efficient to learn and experience this art.
  • WordPress -A software and blogging platform loved by many many people and me. It further can be seen as themes, plug-ins, basics of PHP & MySQL,
  • Web Analytics -Statistical analyses needed to analyze and improve your platforms.
  • Search Engine Optimization -something you can’t and should not forget.

Naturally it comes to mind that there is almost nothing new about these topics now. Many things have been explained and discussed by many bloggers. But every body on the globe has different perspective. My aim is to test alternatives for doing tasks for efficient blogging and share with you.

I am starting this blog now using WordPress, Genesis Framework and Metro child theme. Starting with plain theme without any logo or plug-in at this moment. All I will be adding and testing onwards, will be shared with you with experiences, pros and cons. I believe that my blog should load as fast as possible so it is hosted at WPEngine.

Concluding this Introduction, I hope you will provide me with constructive criticism and we can collaborate to improve our skills. Our aim would be “learning and sharing” to let us win together.

PS: Happy Valentines Day!